Increase sales with a spot of lead gardening



Acquire your prospect data and organise it on a CRM platform. All prospects should hold the attributes of your ‘ideal customer’. You then need to find the relevant decision maker within the company, and any other market intelligence that will help you nurture relationships and generate leads.


Begin to build up relationships and trust with your prospects using targeted sales messages and a variety of marketing channels. This is where your investigative skills come in handy in order to personalise each call and begin to understand the interest level and long term sales potential of each prospect.


With consistency and organisation you will begin to grow your sales pipeline ready for harvesting appointments & RFQ’s when the time is right.
Sometimes you can nudge people along, other times you just have to make sure you are in the right place at the right time.

If you invest in generating a well nurtured, long term sales pipeline, your return will be obtaining quality, qualified leads. They will be the sort of leads you want to be competing for and quoting on - rather than just quoting on everything going, whether the business would be worthwhile for you or not.

A quality sales pipeline will increase your chance of converting sales and will also help you to maintain that all important sustainable business growth.

And if you haven’t got the time – let Momentum do your lead gardening for you! We are the experts after all.

Increase sales with a spot of lead gardening