The Summer Sales Slump

With the Great British Summer in full swing (we're as surprised as you are!?) the season of annual leave is officially upon us.

But what does this mean for your Sales Pipelines?

summer sales slump

With a reduced workforce, or merely a workforce switching into holiday mode quicker than you can say 'out of office', sales begin to dwindle as "we'll discuss this after summer" becomes an increasingly coined phrase by prospects. And that's after the additional time spent trying to get through to the key decision maker amongst a sea of automatic replies and voicemails.

The fact is, opportunities to convert prospects are easily missed in this period. The generation of leads can often require a significant amount of resource and simultaneously maintaining a database with relevant and prosperous contacts can become nigh impossible with holidays disrupting your sales teams.

Is Outsourcing the Solution?

Working with Momentum Partnership offers you access to a full team of experts that can support you to develop your strategy, deliver your communications and increase your sales conversions – without the challenges the summer holidays bring.

Our service facilitates successful communication with the most suitable and relevant prospects within your target audience and provides the opportunity to break into new markets utilising our strategically organised and maintained database.

Outsourcing avoids the expense of employing additional staff and having to incentivise their hard work with commission, with us you simply pay for the time. This gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease the time spent on your project, to suit your strategy, end goals and your budget. Expectations are clearly defined and managed throughout the partnership. Reports are produced regularly to ensure the results you seek are sought and your objectives are being successfully met.

Take a proactive approach to sales growth this Summer, get in touch with our team and find out more on how Momentum can be your 'always on' solution this summer.

The Summer Sales Slump

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