Why Outsource?

Thinking about outsourcing any of your sales & marketing? 

 Outsourcing can be a big decision, but can offer benefits that far outweigh employing somebody, or a team in house.
As a sales growth consultancy, Momentum Partnership offers a full range of outsourced services to develop your strategy, deliver your communications and ultimately increase your sales conversions.


One of our core sales growth services is telemarketing, and the below explains just some of the benefits of outsourcing to a specialist company:

Cost effective
Sales people are expensive, you want them on appointments, face to face with prospects, closing deals. And that’s what they want to be doing, not spending hours behind a desk, making calls that they don’t want to be making. You may have also considered the option of employing telemarketing staff in house, which can prove to be another costly option, especially when you start thinking about recruitment, training, equipment, calls, managing and motivating.

When you use a telemarketing agency, you simply pay a cost for the service. The telemarketers will have an objective to make calls in order to achieve the expectation set for the project, and that is their sole focus, so productivity is also higher when outsourced.

Flexible service to fit your budget and your strategy
Momentum Partnership will invoice you for time, which gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease the time spent on your project, to suit your strategy, end goals and your budget. It also gives us the flexibility to dip in and out of projects to suit the prospects schedules. If they request a call back at 4pm on a Thursday, we can schedule that in.  It is also an ideal solution for short term projects such as customer or market surveys. We have all the equipment, staff and processes in place to hit the ground running so you can start seeing results as quickly as possible.

Developing your own data base can be extremely costly, in terms of both money and time, and it requires constant maintenance to prevent it from going stale. Momentum works with strategically selected data, and works on cleansing all the time, to enhance lead generation.

Gift of the Gab
Telemarketers hold a specific skillset, different to those skills held by a face to face salesman. Telesales/Telemarketing is a tough job that requires, perseverance a positive attitude and a thick skin. Sales people can often let it slip to the bottom of their priority list simply because they dread doing it.

Office Environment
Your office environment may not be suitable for a telemarketer, as it can take away their focus. If they are surrounded by other members of staff it can make them feel self-conscious on the phone which will ultimately have an impact on how effective their communication is.

Results driven
Expectations will be clearly defined between you and the telemarketing agency and managed throughout the project. Objectives are set and the telemarketer will have the skillset to identify the decision maker, deliver a clear and timely sales pitch in order to nurture the prospect into a lead or appointment. When you outsource to an agency you can expect a comprehensive reporting process, giving you a detailed insight into your sales pipeline and long term new business potential.

Telemarketing is just one of the core services Momentum Partnership offers as an outsourced support service to drive your sales growth. Working with Momentum Partnership offers you a full team of experts that can support you to develop your strategy, deliver your communications and increase your sales conversions.

Why Outsource?

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