How to take advantage of non-verbal communication in telemarketing


Many people think that body language doesn’t affect communication on the phone because it cannot be seen.
We disagree.

A message is conveyed from speaker to listener by words, tone of voice and body language.
It has been proven that only 7% of the information spoken is received by the listener. Tone of voice (the way the message is communicated, intonation, inflection etc) added another 38% but the whopping percentage of the message that our listener receives through communication is from our body language.

Does it mean that we’re fighting a losing battle when doing telemarketing?

Absolutely not! Here are our tips how to use body language to your advantage!

  1. Prepare yourself – when planning a call to a prospect, make sure you are prepared.  Useful tip: Some telemarketers have a mirror attached to their computers so they can see them talking.
  2. Smile – We know it sounds like a typical cliché but science proves smiling helps your voice to sound friendly, warm, and receptive. Useful tip: post a note on your phone or somewhere you can see when calling: Shoulders up. Smile. Dial.
  3. Stand up – our telemarketers found that standing up helps them when they’re delivering a good presentation or pitch to a prospect. It makes them more focused and sharp.
  4. Gesticulate – Imagine you are actually presenting face to face. This will help you sound as natural as if you were presenting in person!
  5. Use your personality – no one likes a monotone voice on the other side of the phone. This communicates that the talker is depressed, unmotivated or disinterested.
  6. People buy from people – at the end of the day, no matter what your product is – people buy from people! So make sure you understand the product or service and be trustworthy and you will succeed in your goal!

If you want to find out if telemarketing might be the right way of communication for you? Talk to us!

How to take advantage of non-verbal communication in telemarketing

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