The psychology behind sales calls


When you outsource to a telemarketing company, making those calls is their core focus, and they’re good at it. They are not distracted by managing other customers’ accounts, juggling appointments or working through endless sales admin.

They have a prospect database of companies that suit your ‘ideal customer’ criteria, a telephone, an email for call follow ups, and the right attitude to make each sales call a successful one….

Top tips we use:

  1. Always begin a sales call with a positive comment.
  2. Understand who you are talking to and quickly identify their requirement. Don’t waste their time or yours if they are not interested or do not have the potential to be an ideal customer.
  3. Stay in control of the conversation – Deliver your elevator pitch and focus on emphasising the benefits of using your company.
  4. Never bad mouth the competition.
  5. Stand up to encourage a positive vibe.
  6. Record the conversation on the CRM remembering to note any specific details, both personal and business related, to support you with future sales and nurturing the lead.

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The psychology behind sales calls