Internal vs outsourced sales & marketing – which one is right for you?

Are you thinking about your sales growth and how to achieve it?

Let’s just say it: Almost every aspect of a modern day business can be outsourced.

If you’re planning a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy to help grow your business, you have two options:

    1. 1. Hire, train, and retain an internal team.
    1. 2. Outsource your sales and marketing to an external company.

Many companies would, naturally, go for hiring an internal team but is it the best solution?

Sales growth strategy requires both marketing and sales activities. It is hard, if not impossible, to find a person with a skill set covering marketing and sales. So which option is better for you?


Hiring and managing an internal sales and marketing team is a big investment. Specialists are in extremely high demand and difficult to find and retain. Nowadays, where core competencies require them to know and operate many types of software, including analytics and data interpretation, it is worth asking yourself a question if you will get your return on such a big investment.

We have a third option for you!

At Momentum Partnership, we listen and learn about your business to see what gaps in your sales and marketing you might have for us to fill in. We provide “Pick & Mix” sales and marketing services to fit your situation! You can choose the services that will fill your team’s time or skill gaps. This will support your sales growth at your pace, retain your staff and provide them with time they need to deliver their targets.

If you want to find out about outsourcing your sales and marketing, why not arrange a free consultation with us! Contact us today!

Internal vs outsourced sales & marketing – which one is right for you?