Momentum Partnership Teams Up With Data Specialist, Creditsafe

Momentum Partnership has made the move to establish a long term relationship with data specialists, Creditsafe in order to continuously provide customers with up to date, accurate and reliable data.

Using an integrated approach between the Credit Safe database and the Momentum CRM platform, Momentum Partnership are able to complete a full and efficient data audit for all customers. This includes a cleanse, enhance & de-dupe of any existing data held by the customer, as well as any new data Momentum Partnership acquire on behalf of the customer.

B2B data decays at a rate of 40% per year meaning that your marketing efforts could be severely hampered by out of date data. Effective data management is critical to any lead generation activity, particularly when it comes to your Direct Marketing communications, such as Telemarketing and Email Marketing. Contacting dead or poor data will result in a waste of both time and money.

Operations Manager, Heather Davies commented on the new partnership:

“Like Momentum Partnership, Creditsafe understand that having accurate data is the key to successful sales & marketing activity.  Cleansing data can be a mammoth task if handled manually. Working with Creditsafe is a fantastic move for Momentum and our customers, it allows us to focus on generating quality leads, giving our customers a greater return on investment.”

For more information on how your sales growth activity could benefit from our data management services, please email or complete our contact form.

Momentum Partnership Teams Up With Data Specialist, Creditsafe