Benefits and risks of using a live web chat application

Live web chat – new means of communication?

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Working in a business consultancy, we want to make sure we are always available to talk to our clients and prospects using all possible ways of communication used by them.


To chat or not?

An email or even phone call aren’t fast enough. According to a recent study from chat software company LiveChat, demand for a web live chat on companies’ websites grew by 8.3% in 2017. More and more people rely on receiving an instant reply to their query.

However, with the new way to communicate and its benefits, new risks arise.


Better Conversion – It is a fact that a customer who chats converts 3 to 5 times more than one who doesn’t.

Increased confidence & trust – It boosts customer’s confidence in a company when they can get an instant response

Efficient –  Web chat software can save time spent on sending emails after concluding a chat.

Productive – Representatives are able to handle multiple chats at the same time.


Time – website visitor expects ‘instant’ reply to his/ her query. Delays result in unanswered chats.

Resource – it might be costly to hire a customer service representative for answering live web chat’s enquiries.

Our advice is that there’s no point in having a chat option on your website if you’re just going to leave customers waiting for a response. As everything you do, live web chat require resources committed to fulfilling this task.What means of communication do you use with your customers and prospects? Talk to us today!

Benefits and risks of using a live web chat application

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