Arford Steel Profiles

Arford Steel Profiles


Momentum Partnership keeps Arford Steel Profiles ahead of the game with implementation of mandatory industry standard

In addition to the ISO9001 quality standard implemented and maintained by Momentum Partnership, Arford Steel Profiles entrusted long standing quality consultant, Adam Grice to assist them in becoming one of the first businesses of its kind to achieve the new, mandatory quality standard for the steel industry; BS EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011.

The standard ensures that Arford Steel customers will have independent assurance that products and services meet obligations under new rules for the EU construction market. Enhancing the potential for high-level customer satisfaction, long term retention, and it will also keep them ahead of the game in a competitive market.

“Arford Steel Profiles became one of the first of businesses of its kind to achieve a new quality standard for the steel industry with the support of Momentum Partnership. We were both delighted and relieved to achieve the ISO1090-1 standard as well as renewing our ISO9001 accreditation and it was great to have Adam on board to make a stressful process far smoother.”

– Diane Kimberley, Managing Director

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