Brookeson Material Handling

Brookeson Material Handling


Stainless Steel Fabricator, Brookeson Material handling achieved ISO 1090 accreditation with no non-conformances or observations, in only 57days. With the support of Momentum Partnership…

For a stainless steel fabricator, the challenge is in the interpretation of the standard, which is why Brookeson Material handling choose to seek external support from management systems experts, Momentum Partnership.

As a stainless steel fabricator Brookeson Material Handling are inherently different from your regular steel fabricators as they already have a lot of traceability regarding processing materials, particularly as their core customer base sits within the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore it was more a case of ensuring their internal systems were in keeping with the standard requirements, making any necessary tweaks and then getting them through the accreditation.

Speed of accreditation was an essential part of the brief given to Momentum Partnership as Brookeson Material Handling had won a job where the standard was a pre-requisite.

Brookeson Material Handling were extremely pleased with the 57 days process, a record even by Momentum Partnerships standards, and with no non-conformances!

Comments from Managing Director, Ian Brookes:

“David was fairly confident that we would get through the accreditation without any problems and we are very pleased to say he was right. The auditor couldn’t find one thing wrong.”

“The process was very quick. It was an advantage that we were largely operating in accordance with the standard, although we were not officially accredited. So David didn’t have to start from scratch with us, but just help us to get over the final hurdle”

“Not only has the standard allowed us to service our new customer it has also helped us to further enhance our internal organisation and brought all of our systems up to date.”


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