Archer Woodnutt

Archer Woodnutt

Sheet Metal Fabrication Specialists, outsourcing the sales process to fill capacity


Archer Woodnutt had limited internal resource to develop a sales pipeline in order to fill capacity within the factory. They were relying on word of mouth and repeat business, and needed to become more proactive with their sales activity, in order to keep pace in a competitive fabrication market.

They made the decision to outsource a large portion of their sales and marketing activity to Momentum Partnership.

Momentum have supported Archer Woodnutt with Data acquisition and management, using the Momentum CRM platform. Followed by a combined telemarketing and email marketing approach in order to build a sales pipeline and generate leads.

“As a result of Momentum’s efforts we have managed to convert some significant customer accounts. One of which has needed us to employee 6 new team members and also implement a night shift, in order to deliver.”

“Momentum provide the flexible approach we require. They support us to fill capacity and grow at a steady rate to suit the business and infrastructure, but they are also happy to restrict sales activity when we reach our limits and then ramp it back up when work eases off.”

– Martin Joesbury, Managing Director


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