Manufacturer of Cold Drawn Steel

Independent Producer of Bright Drawn Steel Bar

Key Objectives

  • To build & maintain a live database of organised prospect data to lay strong foundations for the sales growth strategy
  • To establish a ‘one-team’ partnership with full buy-in from everyone involved, with a solid understanding of product/service offering in order to drive sales growth, together.
  • Develop a robust sales pipeline of qualified potential target contacts generating RFQ and sales appointment opportunities
  • Assist the company to secure new accounts from smaller end users with the potential to purchase between £100k and £150k each per annum


Momentum conducted prospect profiling activity to identify data in sectors, location, products and company types being targeted.

From competitor research and marketing analysis, Momentum gained a better understanding of the wider market to identify new business potential from both new and existing sectors.


To harvest trust and confidence in the partnership Momentum offered a flexible service delivering 50% of allocated telemarketing activity on client site.

Initial focus was placed on building a database on the Momentum CRM, of qualified contacts that are likely to buy the product offering. Including data supplied by client and newly acquired data via research.

All data was subject to a stringent cleansing process, gathering fundamental market intelligence; establishing need, annual spend, and current product ranges, likelihood of future opportunity to quote, identifying the key decision maker with all contact details including email addresses.

Communication channels were opened with the key decision makers using a marketing mix of data cleansing, telemarketing and email marketing in order to build the pipeline and gain RFQ’s and appointments.

Sales Conversion Results

  • 4 new accounts
  • Quality sales pipeline of future potential accounts
  • Enhanced profile amongst widened target audience.
  • Qualified, organised database to assist with future sales and marketing activity. As well as maintaining detailed information on both existing and dormant customers to increase the potential for any upsell/ cross sell opportunities.


“Momentum quickly grasped a good understanding of the business and requirements which was enhanced by having Pete on site, rather than working remotely 100% of the time”

“The Combined email and telemarketing approach gave us an insight into the market and the email campaign in particular yielded one very successful account which we have been trying to break into for some time with no luck”

“Impressed by the genuine willingness to become part of the team and generate new business leads. Instructions were always followed when required and there was a positive desire and drive to do well for the client”

“All in all we had a positive experience working with Momentum. The partnership paid for itself and gave us a return on investment.”


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