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Our brief was  to open up lines of communication with existing and potential end users of Nomique’s Axia Smart Chair.Existing relationships had always been left for their dealer network to manage but Nomique wanted to develop direct contact with end users without damaging the dealer relationship.

Momentum worked with Nomique to develop their marketing materials; providing both ideas and content. We developed a database of target companies and provided our CRM system to manage project activity.

A telemarketing campaign was used to qualify the database, provide key contacts add subscribers to Nomique’s email marketing campaign.

Nomique’s view

“It was the first time that we used telemarketing to approach end users and establish our brand rather than talking to our existing dealer base. Together with Momentum we worked on marketing materials, selling message and our way into the end user market. We understood our products, requirements and what we wanted to achieve. The project resulted in a valuable database that we continue to use, effective marketing material, a good understanding of the market and how we can approach the end user and educate them about our products.”

– Yvonne John, Communication Design & Marketing – Nomique Seating


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